I started my journey into bodybuilding and living a lean lifestyle about 12 years ago I just didn’t know it. I was gaining weight and one day could barely fit into my pants. I knew it was time for a change and started working out at the local gym after work. I didn’t have any workout plans or meal plans laid out and I never got huge results. I did lose some weight but never looked the way I wanted to.

After a couple of years life got in the way and my frequency in gym stopped, my eating got worse and I ballooned up to 206. I don’t know what my body fat percentage was but it was up there for sure. My clothes kept getting bigger and bigger and for some reason I really didn’t make a connection that I needed to lose weight, a lot of weight. I was fooling myself every time I looked in the mirror.

One summer I was on a dive trip and afterwards looked through some of the pictures and wow I really noticed how bad I really looked. I had to do something, I had to get back in the gym and start watching what I ate.

After about a year in the gym a lot of the weight started to come off but mostly due to cooking my own meals and not eating out or drinking all of the time. I still didn’t really know what I needed to do to lean out even further.

One day I saw a friend of mine from high school who was working out and getting the results that I wanted. After talking to him he told me that 85% of your effort is your diet and the rest is the gym; things started to click for me. Something I already knew, but I never really gave the effort towards watching everything I ate. Thats the point that I knew if I really wanted to lean out and get the results that I wanted I had to change the way that I ate and to actually learn about clean eating.

Once I started looking at what I was really eating and how many calories went into everything, I was able to start losing the weight I wanted to and lean out.

When I see people that haven’t seen me in a while they notice the change and always ask the same thing – How did you do it?

Thats why I created this blog, to help others figure out how to change things in their lives and get the results that they have been wanting.

Decoding the fitness mystery.

2008 2011

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