P28 Protein Bread – Review/Challenge

My friend Daria McDermott challenged me to a little competition of sorts with P28 High Protein Bread as the main ingredient; P28 Challenge. I thought to myself I’ve got this in the bag for sure.

To begin I’d like to give you my review on P28 and then I’ll go into my somewhat comical adventure with my competition recipe.

P28 bread is made to be high in protein and help with your lean lifestyle. It definitely delivers with 28 grams of protein for a two slice portion.

When I first opened the bag I noticed a sweet smell almost like cinnamon raisin bread. Im not sure what the sweet smell is but it is definitely pleasant.

My first meal with P28 was simply toasted slice with a tablespoon of peanut butter. Damn Sam that was good!!! It’s nice to have a quick meal like this and to be able to incorporate with my peanut butter addiction. Don’t worry though I have it in check and keep it to no more than two tablespoons in a day and also make sure to not go go over my calories and macros.

The next meal I tried it with an egg salad made with low fat Fage Yogurt and deli mustard. The texture of the bread is a little spongy kind of like potato bread like Daria mentioned; nothing that would keep me from buying or using this bread on a regular basis. I think I just prefer my bread toasted.

I am definitely happy that I tried P28 and will continue to use this in my meal plans.

Now on to the friendly competition!!!

I was thinking of a chocolate and peanut butter french toast waffle made with Bell Plantation Chocolate PB2, some cocoa powder and Truvia.

I grabbed the waffle Iron and went to work.I started by mixing up some egg whites, a scoop of PB2 chocolate peanut butter powder, cinnamon and a little Truvia for the fresh toast. I also mixed up a little cocoa with a splash of almond milk to make a gooey center for the french toasted waffle.

At this point, I’m thinking to myself that Daria the powerhouse is going down. I was totally wrong and this is about where things went way off on a tangent.

I dipped my slices of P28 in the egg whites and put them in the waffle iron squeezing it shut and latching it. It’s on!!

I walked away and started a little bit of work on the computer and heard something pop. What could that possibly be? I went into the kitchen and noticed the plastic latch to the waffle iron had popped off. I thought to my self piece of junk waffle makers latch wasn’t all of the way on; I reattached it, latched it and walked away again.

I walked away and now there is a whistling coming from the kitchen, the dog is alerted and started going into the kitchen to kill any possible intruders in the house; or so I would like to believe that he would actually be a good attack dog. Now I’m worried that the waffle iron is going to explode and flying pieces are going to go everywhere and hurt my dog.

I grabbed a skillet to use as a make shift medieval shield and protect myself and the dog from flying debris as I unlatch the now potentially deadly waffle iron.

luckily my quick thinking averted the crisis and no one was hurt.

I let the waffles sit in the iron unlatched for a while to finish cooking so I could try this yummy concoction.

I was going to use some syrup made from maple extract and Truvia but at this point I was thoroughly exhausted from my adventure so I ate the waffles plain.

They were a little bit underdone for my liking but fairly tasty. I was hoping for a crispy waffle and I fell short here. The whole time Im eating my waffles I was upset at myself for not mixing up a little syrup for my waffles.

This recipe will definitely need some tweaking and a little bit more trial and error until it is ready for the prime time but I’m going to keep working out the kinks.

I think I went wrong with letting the bread soak up all of the egg whites, so Im going to try and use less next time.

Daria and the waffle Iron won out in this contest but I’m not giving up.

P28 is a definite plus and I look forward to my toasted bread with peanut butter.

You can get P28 from https://www.highproteinbread.com/ and they even make bagels.

I recommend freezing any unused bread so that it extends the shelf life.

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