I found a workout and nutrition program online. Should I stick with the meal program as it is laid out?

Any bodybuilding program that you follow online with a food list and menu of what to eat and when, isn’t necessarily optimized for your body and goals. I urge you to look through articles online; find as many books as you can regarding how to find your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), and adding or subtracting calories and Macro Nutrients (Macros) for your activity level and creating a meal plan with your goals in mind.

If you are overwhelmed with all of the meal planning and weighing food and determining portions and when to eat; it’s understandable, it’s something new and something you probably weren’t taught when you were younger.

If it is really that difficult then run through the program as it is laid out for you; just know that your results may not be as drastic as you hoped. Running through the program and learning along the way will help you in the future as you keep going forward in your training and learning what to eat. Just remember, learn something from your experience and try to understand the concepts. If there is something you are doing and you don’t know why, stop and ask someone, research online or pick up a book and learn why. This will help you in the future.

A good resource is bodybuilding.com as well as a couple of great magazines; Natural Muscle is one that I like.

Ask around and see what other people are doing and why; just make sure you ask people that you trust and that are truly knowledgeable and not just regurgitating something out of context.

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