Everyone around me wants me to fail!!!!

One thing I keep hearing is that everyone is trying to feed someone something they shouldn’t have. Enticing them to cheat, or for them to treat themselves just this one time. While one cheat really won’t affect your overall training, cheating every time someone feeds you this rationalization will.

I hear you and I get it all of the time. I get this from friends, Family, people at work; pretty much everywhere you turn there is something detracting from your success.

Why do you think that is?

I feel it’s because being fit is not the social norm, eating the way you do is not normal to most people including your family, friends, and loved ones. It might be what’s best for you, but it’s not normal for other people.

Try to understand that others really don’t get what you are doing and don’t try to change them and make them fit into your world of fitness and healthy eating. Definitely don’t dwell on what you feel they should be doing and saying to you. Just be strong and set your boundaries and let people know that you will eat what you want to eat and when.

I have even heard of some getting that their significant other suggested taking them out to a nice dinner since they have been doing so good with their meal plan or training. I don’t know about you but part of that dinner is spending time with that person, connecting with the person that loves you, the person that believes in you and the person that wanted to show you that they thought you were doing a great job. For some reason you have the feeling that they are against you and you’re getting upset with them since they offered to take you out for a nice dinner. How Dare They?

Remember its normal for people to do nice things for you and to show you their support in this way. You’re the one that has changed and you are the one that is different. Don’t chastise them or make them feel bad, instead find a positive way to tell them that you don’t want that as a reward or better yet; go with them and find something on the menu you can eat or go somewhere that has things on the menu that agree with your meal plan.

Last night I was out with friends and I would have preferred to not be at the restaurant we were but went so I could spend time with my friends. I sat there drooling over the pepperoni pizza sitting next to me. Did I freak out on everyone for ordering stuff that didn’t agree with my meal plan? Of course not, I ordered AHI tuna and enjoyed the little time I get to spend with my friends.

Now if they are walking around the house taunting you with a cupcake; that’s a different story. Go ahead and drop kick them. I think they might get the message.

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