Goal Weight

I often hear people talking about goal weight and to tell you the truth its pretty hard to determine a specific weight and body-fat percentage that you will feel comfortable at. I mean you really won’t know what you are going to look like at a given weight and body-fat unless you have a reference, someone the same exact size and proportions as you and you know what their stats are. I could say I want to be 190 and 7% body-fat but is that realistic for my frame and what would I look like?

In the beginning, I suggest making your goals close to where you are at and moving them in 5 pound increments when you hit your goals. If you are 150 and 7% body-fat and want to gain some more lean mass; start off shooting for 155 and your current body-fat.

Setting your goals for a huge difference from where you are at currently isn’t too realistic in my opinion; 10 pounds of lean mass on someone with a bigger frame wont look the same on you so it’s relative to how you look.

Once you have hit your goals consistently you will be better able to gauge what you will look like with another 5 to 10 pounds of lean mass or shedding another 5 pounds of body-fat.

If you are severely over weight; you may have a larger number of fat pounds that you want to loose. Try setting a larger goal with smaller intermediate goals of 5 or 10 pound increments.

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