Can I ? NO!!

Are you freaking kidding me? People want change and then I hear them asking if they can have a soda, or whats the harm in a little chocolate.

Seriously have you spent the time to figure out what your caloric intake and macro needs are per day? Have you figured that going over once a day will add up over time?

Thats exactly what got you to where you are at right now!! Not knowing what you are taking in and why you are needing to cut some things out of your life style. You need to get rid of those bad habits and replace them with good ones.

No matter how many times you ask; 2 plus 2 is always going to equal 4.

I never weighed my self on the scale and never thought about what I was eating and what I needed to eat. I got up to 206 and was miserable at that weight.

It took a lot of hard work, learning what to eat and why and what not to eat and why I shouldn’t eat it. If someone is giving you a meal plan and a workout plan; don’t keep going back to them asking if you can add these things in. Do you want a meal plan and workout split that works while you can eat whatever you want? That doesn’t exist.

Stick with the plan and see your results, if you must add something in, you should know if it is going to work into your daily caloric and macros needs; if it doesn’t don’t add it.

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